Thursday, May 10, 2012

DIY chalkboard platters

Hi everyone!!  I have been in a creative mood lately.  So the other day my good friend Michelle and I went treasure hunting through the thrift stores.  My find was these silver platter trays that I paid $1 each for.  So what shall I do next with them.  I have a habbit of buying things that I think I will do something with and than it gets thrown into a box.  But not this time!!
These are simple to make.  These platters are also magnetic, so you could make it a magnet board instead if you wanted.  You can even drill holes in them and add ribbon to hang them or put them on a stand like I have in the pictures.

What you will need:
Metal platters, (I picked these up at thrift store for $1 ea.)
primer spray paint
spray paint color (I used a cream and a turquoise color, which in the photo looks more blue)
Chalkboard paint (local hardware store)
paint brush (I use the sponge brushes)
Plus anything you want to add to it for decoration.

Step 1-3: Find platters and prime, than paint with color you want for your base.

Step 4: Paint on chalkboard paint (I did 3 coats letting it dry in between each coat.)

Step 5: Embellish with what ever you would like.

Here is the finished product of one of them!!

These will be available in my store 5/15/2012

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they are so cute!

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