Saturday, May 28, 2011

May 28th....Busy Bee

Today was a very long day for me, however I did get a lot of things done. Nothing crossed off my list of course, I just kept adding to it.
I spent the day decoupaging trinket boxes and decorating them with feathers, flowers and anything else I could find in my shop. They were so much fun! I will post pictures of them in the next day or so.

So here is Class Schedule for the next three weeks. All classes will be on Wednesday night at 6:00pm and run for 2 to 3 hours. If you would like to take a class please call in and come in store to see me, for I only have 4 slots available for each class. Classes are $20.00 unless otherwise noted.

*June 1, 2011: Copper and Brass etching class. $20.00

*June 8, 2011: DIY Simple necklace kit class, (this is a great class for mother/daughter to do together) $20.00

*June 15th, 2011: Patina class, how to patina brass and other metal using a universal patina with heat. $20.00

If any of these sound interesting or fun to you and you would like to have a little break for yourself, than come in and sign up for class.

Alright, I really have a lot of work still to get done, I need to start on a special order for a upcoming wedding. Which I need to have items done by Monday morning so she can have items for bridal pictures. So I better stop talking and get to work.
Watch for pictures of trinket boxes, I will be posting them soon, they will also be available for purchase.
OK OK OK, I am saying goodnight to all!!

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