Wednesday, May 25, 2011


So here's a update about the What woman want expo. It was a very long show, and it completely wiped me out!! I am so thankful my parents decided to come to town and take my boy home for a visit, because I am so going to need some R&R after this. Thank you to Paige and Chelsy for helping me at the expo, you rock!! Chelsy Boucher did the photography for the models and they turned out awesome. You can find her at, she's wonderful with children.
We handed out some 2000 coupon cards at the expo, and we could have used more. Could not believe the stampedes through the doors!! In the last two days business has really picked up, so thank you ladys!!
I will be posting my class schdule shortly, classes are going to be on Wednesday nights at 6:15pm, if this does not work with your schdule you can always talk to me and I could do another time to.
I also just had new supplies delivered to me today so I will be getting them out by end of week.
Also coming shortly is softflex wire for beading and softflex crafting wire for wire wrapping.
That's it in a nut shell for now.

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Cecilie said...

I'm glad you had a great show! Your booth was set up so cute :)
I will have to come in to visit & see all your new stuff, when we come back from Disneyland :)

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